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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.

Can Nicotine Pouches Expire?

Posted on June 14 2021

Have you invested in Nicotine Pouches? Do you want to make sure that they can continue to satisfy those nicotine cravings until you run out? RUSH® fully understands the importance of providing our customers with the ability to continuously take care of their cravings as needed with complete trust and knowledge of the product.  So, it is crucial then to know when your nicotine pouches will expire, and what this means for your supply of RUSH® Nicotine Pouches.

What Happens to Nicotine as It Expires?

Every nicotine pouch that comes out of our warehouse to make its way to our customers is as fresh as can be. We don't let our pouches sit on shelves, collecting dust for so long that by the time they end up in your hands, they are stale or unable to satisfy your needs.

That being said, we cannot avoid the fact that all nicotine has an expiration date.  Our nicotine pouches are good for about one year before they begin to expire.  So, what happens when nicotine expires?

Nicotine is a compound that degrades over time. This means that gradually, its molecules start to break down, changing the properties of the compound completely. As nicotine degrades, it slowly loses its potency. What this means is that an expired nicotine pouch will not deliver the same punch of nicotine that you’ve come to expect from our products. The older the nicotine pouch, the weaker its potency and effect. 

Fortunately, nicotine cannot expire in the way that a gallon of milk will expire in your fridge. It doesn’t become rotten or take on a rancid taste and smell. So, it’s not like one day you’ll discover a moldy or foul-smelling nicotine pouch in your collection. Generally, it’ll look just like it did when you bought it, but it simply won’t have the potency level that you are accustomed to crave.

Is It Unsafe to Use Expired Nicotine?

Generally speaking, it is not unsafe to use expired nicotine. Again, expired nicotine isn’t rotten, and hasn’t taken on pathogenic qualities due to breaking down in its original package. The one exception is if your nicotine pouches have become contaminated in some way while they have been stored. If you have unintentionally let excessive moisture into your container, or have handled the pouches after handling some form of harmful bacteria or fungus, then you may find that the pouch develops mold. This is extremely rare though, and would require carelessness when handling our products. Fortunately, our Rush dip cans are very easy to store, carry, and throw away in a cleanly way. 

Is it Worth Using Expired Nicotine?

So, what happens when you try to use an expired nicotine pouch? Well, it depends on how far along it is in the expiration process. But, little by little, that pouch will lose its ability to satisfy you because nicotine that is expired grows weaker and weaker, until it no longer has any resemblance to its former self in terms of potency. This means that if you have a nicotine craving and you reach for an expired pouch, there is a good chance that your craving just won’t be satisfied. Therefore, it is best to buy new nicotine pouches without tobacco instead of trying to work with expired ones.

What Happens to the Flavor of a Nicotine Pouch as it Expires?

As a nicotine pouch expires, it is not just the nicotine that becomes weaker. The flavor will become weaker as well, and this is one way to tell whether or not your pouches are still worth holding onto. The flavor compounds in our pouches are just as prone to degrading after a certain period of time as the nicotine itself.  If the flavor of your pouches is especially important to you, then you’ll be disappointed when using an expired product. This is true for every flavor of nicotine pouch.

How to Keep Your Nicotine Pouches Fresh for as Long as Possible

Our nicotine pouches can actually expire even sooner if they are not properly stored. So, these tips we have created a will keep them nice and fresh as long as they are in your possession, until the time comes to use them up.

Tip #1: Keep the Package Sealed

Never open a new product until you are actually ready to use it, as its original seal aids in keeping the product fresh. Also, with opened packages, try to keep them in a completely airtight container.  The less oxygen that can be introduced into the product, the better, as oxygen speeds up the breaking down process.

Tip #2: Keep RUSH®  Nicotine Pouches Away from Humidity

Humidity can also accelerate the process of expiration, which is why you should never store your Rush nicotine pouches in a humid area like a bathroom, where the steam of the shower maintains moisture in the air, or next to the stove in your kitchen.  A dry place is ideal.

Tip #3: Keep RUSH® Nicotine Pouches Indoors (Climate Control)

Do not leave your nicotine pouches outside, where they are exposed to drastic climate changes that can destabilize the nicotine and flavor compounds.

Tip #4: Keep RUSH® Nicotine Pouches Away from Bright Lights

Another factor that can make your nicotine pouches expire sooner is bright light.  Light exposure changes the molecules of the product in a way that can make them break down quickly. A dark and climate controlled environment is the ideal place to store your nicotine pouches or dip cans.

Tip #5: Keep RUSH® Nicotine Pouches Away from Heat

Do not leave your nicotine pouches in an area that gets hot during the day, such as by a sunny window or in your car's glove department in the summer. Ultimately, a cool indoor space like a cabinet or closet is best.

Final Thoughts

RUSH Nicotine Pouches can provide immense satisfaction to those who crave nicotine on a regular basis.  However, they can lose their ability to satisfy you, once it expires.  Now you can see why you should store them properly, and use them within a year of purchase, so that they have the right nicotine potency level as well as flavor impact.