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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.

Which Nicotine Pouch Strength Should I Choose?

Posted on June 21 2021

At RUSH®, our goal is simple: to provide nicotine users with the purest and most convenient means for satisfying their daily nicotine cravings. And, we’re proud of what we’ve created, as our signature non tobacco pouches have helped many people successfully experience a completely tobacco free enjoyment of nicotine.

We offer our nicotine pouches in various forms. You can choose between a variety of delicious flavors, and you can choose a quantity based on your daily and weekly habits. Since our pouches are available in two distinctive milligram strengths - 3mg and 7mg, our nicotine pouches are able to satisfy both mild and heavy nicotine cravings.

Why Do We Offer Our Nicotine Pouches in Two Milligram Strengths?

We didn’t just pick two nicotine strength numbers out of a hat – we selected these specific strengths based on lots of research we’ve done about nicotine and the human body. We spent a lot of time determining how much nicotine is in the average cigarette, vape, and can of chewing tobacco, when creating our strength options.

The average cigarette contains about 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine. So, why do we offer only 3 and 7mg options? The answer is simple. Our nicotine is not inhaled, but rather absorbed through the inner mouth tissue, as each pouch is held between the gum and the cheek. This is a delivery method that’s different from that associated with cigarettes or vapes, and it’s more bioavailable. This term means that the nicotine absorbs more efficiently through this delivery method, thus offering a stronger potency and faster-acting effects.

Therefore, 3 or 7 milligrams of nicotine absorbed through this oral delivery method provides about the same level of satisfaction as 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine absorbed through the lungs. If we went with higher strengths, our customers would likely find that our pouches were too potent, in a way that can quickly become unpleasant. Moreover, if we had strengths bellow 3mg, most nicotine users would find it too weak to satisfy their nicotine desire. 


Our 3mg strength option is a little less than half the level of potency as our 7mg option. That being said, 3mg nicotine pouches are probably better suited for those who were moderate tobacco users, and smoked less than a pack a day. These individuals tend to have a lower tolerance to the effects of nicotine, and likely found that smoking an entire pack in a day left them feeling a bit agitated or edgy. If you were a light to moderate tobacco or nicotine user, then a 3mg strength is the way to go. Each pouch will deliver a nice RUSH® of nicotine, but it won’t be so powerful that you feel a strong nervous system response that affects how you feel.


Our 7mg strength is our more potent option, and there are plenty of nicotine users out there who will prefer this strength between the two. At 7mg, you’ll likely feel satisfied if you are someone who is a heavier nicotine user, as each pouch provides a potent RUSH® of nicotine that is felt almost instantaneously and has enough strength to resoundingly quench your most intense cravings. 

Which Milligram Strength Option is Right for You?

Ultimately, we cannot choose a nicotine strength for you. It’s a very personal choice that you have to make, and you must consider your unique nicotine tolerance and former nicotine use when making this decision. Some of our customers decide to simply grab a container of each strength and try out each one to see how it feels. Our containers of Nic pouches are so affordable that buying both a 3mg and 7mg container will still cost less than a full pack of cigarettes and chewing tobacco in many states across the country.

Sure enough, you’ll know when you’ve chosen the right strength. You will know that it’s right when a single pouch knocks out your cravings, and you feel satiated for a while after. If you feel irritable or lightheaded after a single pouch, then you know that the strength is too high. Alternatively, if after finishing one pouch you suddenly feel an urge to reach for another one, then your strength is too low.

What is the Impact of Nicotine Strength on How Many Pouches You Go Through?

It is also important to consider that a single pouch should satisfy you like a single serving of any other nicotine product like cigarettes, vapes or chewing tobacco. Therefore, the strength you choose will almost definitely impact the number of pouches that you end up using in a single day. Too low of a strength and you may go through more than a single container, and too high of a strength and you may struggle to use more than just a few. 

When Should You Adjust Your Nicotine Strength?

You can adjust your nicotine strength at any time – there are no set rules. If you feel that the alternative strength will better suit you, then by all means, try a new container in a different strength. First time users get one extra can for FREE, so we recommend trying both strengths first if you are unsure what strength nicotine pouch is right for you.