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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.

Where Can I find Non Tobacco Nicotine Pouches?

Posted on July 08 2021

Brief Introduction to Non Tobacco Nicotine Pouches

Today, we constantly hear about new ways to consume nicotine. From cigarettes and vapes to patches and pouches, there is a vast array of options for people with different preferences to get their nicotine. Nicotine is a chemical compound that is the active ingredient in tobacco. It stimulates the nervous system and heart, providing a pleasurable experience that many people become addicted to. Luckily for consumers of both tobacco, or just nicotine itself, entrepreneurs have come up with unique ways for individuals to attain this enjoyment without having to specifically smoke cigarettes. 

One of these fairly new ways of consuming nicotine is called a nicotine pouch. Many people may not be familiar with nicotine pouches due to them being so new to the market, but to explain simply, they are comparable to chewing tobacco, however, there is no real work to be done by the consumer and there is no mess to deal with. A nicotine pouch is a small tobacco free pouch that you place orally between the gums and lips in order to ingest nicotine by absorption rather than drawing the attention that cigarettes and vapes bring. They are easily disposable as well and don’t stain one’s teeth like chewing tobacco does.

Nicotine pouches originated in Sweden, but today they satisfy the demand of nicotine users worldwide that do not favor the taste and smell of tobacco. At Rush, our pure nicotine pouches are flavorful on top of being tobacco-free. Additionally, the pouch itself encases the nicotine in a soft plant-fiber that is comfortable and allows for satisfaction in a 3 mg or 7 mg dose.

Here you'll find where you can and cannot find non-tobacco nicotine pouches!



When starting your search for the nicotine pouch that suits your liking, you should first note the places that won’t sell you what you are looking for. We’ll list a few for you here to make your search just a little easier.

Firstly, you won’t find nicotine pouches, or really any other nicotine products at dispensaries, whether recreational or medical. Why is this? Well, dispensaries are shops in which cannabis, cannabis-containing products, and paraphernalia are sold. Dispensaries therefore cater to the niche yet growing markets for THC and CBD, rather than that of tobacco and nicotine. Because of the fact that nicotine Rush pouches are free of any type of cannabis and only contain tobacco-derived nicotine, dispensaries won’t have pure nicotine pouches.    

You also won’t find nicotine pouches at health or vitamin shops. Though nicotine pouches are a clean and tasty tobacco alternative, nicotine is an addictive stimulant that can potentially have adverse effects on one’s body. It is because of this that health and or vitamin shops won’t be the biggest advocates for this product. At these stores you may find nicotine patches or gums. There is one distinct difference between those products and nicotine pouches. As mentioned before, nicotine pouches are tobacco alternatives, not necessarily devices to aid in quitting smoking like patches and gum tend to be. That is precisely why your local health store doesn’t carry pure nicotine pouches.    

Other places you will not find nicotine pouches include clinics, hospitals, or treatment centers. The easiest way to think about nicotine pouches is by thinking about the pouches as a recreational activity. While it gives a smooth and satisfying taste as well as an keep you feeling sharp, it doesn’t treat illnesses, nor does it have medicinal properties.

Lastly and most importantly, nicotine pouches will not be found anywhere children could access them. As of 2019 with the Tobacco 21 law, it is a violation of federal law for tobacco to be sold to anyone under 21 years of age. Over time, the age requirement for purchasing tobacco has been raised from 16 to 18 and now it is 21. It is easy to say that the government does not want tobacco and tobacco-derived products in the hands of children, just like alcohol. Because of the addictive nature of these products, it is crucial that those using it are mature adults in order to be as safe as possible and prevent accidents.


  • Not in Health Shops
  • Not in Dispensaries
  • Not in Clinics
  • 21+ areas only (Not anywhere else)


Though the above-mentioned places will not sell you nicotine pouches, there are still many places where you are able to conveniently buy nicotine pouches in a variety of flavors.

One of the easiest places you will be able to find and purchase nicotine pouches is via online websites. For example, our product, Rush pure nicotine pouches can be found and purchased on our website You could find other brands on their websites as well. These websites are easy to navigate and allow you to have the whole nicotine market at your fingertips.

Just like literally anything else you would ever want to buy, pure nicotine pouches can be found on amazon. Simply search “nicotine pouches” or “Rush nicotine pouches.” Our Rush pouches are on amazon as well as amazon prime in all four of our flavors for your convenience. Be prepared to verify your age just in case.

You can also find pure nicotine pouches at Smoke Shops. Smoke shops and head shops specialize in tobacco products, vapes, and occasionally cannabis related items as well. These places will have a variety of ways to consume tobacco and nicotine, nicotine pouches included. Smoke shops are the perfect place to compare smokable tobacco to nicotine pouches and will really highlight how pouches are cleaner, smoother, and overall can be a better choice for some people. Also, smoke shops will give you access to people who can answer your questions regarding pipes, patches, and beyond. Therefore, if shopping in person is more of your preference than online shopping, smoke shops are a great place to try out.                  

Another place you should be able to buy pure nicotine pouches is at convenience stores and gas stations. Just ask your local convenience store employee or gas station clerk if they have Rush nicotine pouches behind the counter. Given the growing popularity of the pouches, the odds are that you will find some variety of nicotine pouch. However, in the slight chance they don’t have what you are looking for, the fact that you are asking shows the growing demand for the pouches, which could potentially lead to the store you are at stocking nicotine pouches in the near future.




RUSH is really one of the best Nic pouch brands on the market for several reasons. Our product is simple, quick, convenient, and eco-friendly.

Our flavors, though seemingly traditional, are satisfyingly unique and each bring their own flavor profile. Winter blast is a cool spearmint that is reminiscent of winter and is super refreshing. Similarly, mintsanity gives you a cool fresh taste that is crisp and clean. For something sweeter, warmer, and with notes of woody flavor, check out cinnabuzz. Lastly, our citrus flavor is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet!

For your convenience and enjoyment, our packs come with 20 pouches per can, and we give you the option of nicotine strength of either 3 mg or 7 mg per pouch. These will give you a nice nicotine buzz with effects designed to last for 30 minutes. That’s thirty minutes of discreet nicotine enjoyment. 

When you’re done with your pouch, our RUSH cans have a top-lid storage compartment to make disposing of your pouch extremely convenient. Plus, our cans are recyclable, and our pouches are biodegradable due to their plant fiber composition, making us as eco-friendly as possible. 

Most importantly, at RUSH we offer better prices for more product without neglecting quality.