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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.

How Do I Store My Nicotine Pouches?

Posted on January 11 2021

Generally, your product should be fine in its unopened can at regular room temperature. Once opened, you should make sure the lid is properly sealed to maintain freshness.  If you buy in bulk, store your new unused nicotine pouch cans in a cool area out of direct heat. 

If you use the top-lid disposable storage area in your RUSH® can, we’d recommend that you clean it out daily and wipe the top of the lid for the usual personal hygiene reasons. 

If you have already opened a can of nicotine pouches, feel free to store them in your pocket, purse, or bag. With a tight sealed lid, the pouches should stay fresh until you finish the can.

What else shouldn’t I do?

We recommend keeping open nicotine pouches away from minors and non-users of nicotine products. 

Direct heat can cause your pouches to dry out. A dry pouch still works well, but you will lose the initial mouth feel softness you get with a moist pouch. 

Tobacco free nicotine moist pouches

How long can I use a pouch?
We recommend only keeping your nicotine pouch in your mouth for as long as it’s comfortable for you to do so. The RUSH® nicotine pouches can be used for upwards of 40 minutes, but many customers use from between 10 minutes to 30 minutes - really, use varies depending on the individual.

But how do you get rid of it, once you’re done?
First. Do not swallow the pouch - it might taste good but it's not for eating! Each RUSH® can have a built-in top-of-lid storage compartment for your used pouches.  Throw all used pouches into the trash and recycle that plastic can

Put it in a can
We understand that disposing of your nicotine pouch can be tricky, especially if there’s no bin in your general vicinity. Thankfully, manufacturers have found a way around this.

Many nicotine pouch cans come equipped with a separate compartment in the lid. If you’ve wondered what this space is for — well, we’re here to tell you.
This handy little area is specifically made to contain used nicotine pouches. Simply place your used nicotine pouches in here, and dispose of them at the end of the day.

This is a nifty little feature, so we understand if you’re itching to make the most of it. However, if you use it frequently, we’d recommend cleaning out this compartment on a regular basis. This will stop nicotine pouch liquid from spreading all over the can. To do this, simply wipe down the compartment with a soapy cloth after emptying it out.

Tobacco free nicotine pouches can

Key takeaways

Keep nicotine pouches away from kids

Keep the can's lid sealed tight to maintain freshness.  

It is ok to store these nicotine pouches with traditional tobacco or even CBD products

While nicotine pouches might be a fairly new offering, we believe that they’re the next big thing in nicotine. All the enjoyment without the messy smoke, mist and spit of  those smokes, smokeless and vape products.

Many adults really want the enjoyment of nicotine without the problems of using tobacco. Our tobacco-free nicotine pouches mean you can reach that goal with the tobacco-free RUSH® pouches.

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